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Welcome to AnnBer Natural Skincare a division of AnnBer Trading (PTY) Ltd. Thank You for taking the time to visit Us.

Based on a timeless philosophy of simplicity and authenticity, AnnBer Natural Skincare is a range of handmade natural skin, hair and body care showcasing South-Africa’s native botanical s, plant extracts, butters, waxes, carrier oils and essential oils. We truly believe in using only the best in our formulations of products.

Designed to be gentle on our skin and gentle on the earth, Our products are free from any harsh chemicals, they are cruelty free and they are hand made in small batches to ensure freshness and precision.  

Our products are made in a completely sterilized environment in Our laboratory, equipped with only the best to ensure Our Customers that high hygienic standards, and proper laboratory standards are followed during formulating and filling products into their final packaging.  Every product also get weight to ensure that the total weight on the label does actually equals the total weight of the content inside.  

We source ingredients sustainably to support local producers – some from small, family-run farms, others in collaboration with local communities, and only high quality and 100% pure natural ingredients are used in Our formulations.

Our products is formulated to be highly effective – with a specific outcome in mind and to deliver all the goodness you need, exactly as Mother Nature intended. Not only will they make your skin glow, they’ll also help nourish, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and refresh you from the outside in  restoring Your confidence with a soft, healthy complexion the natural way.

We will never make unrealistic claims about the benefits of Our products because We carefully put every formula together to target a specific problem. 

Our products are also free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, SLSs and other sulphates. 

We only choose to purchase locally produced ingredients instead of using imported organic products. By doing so you can be assured of a high quality product and one that supports local farmers and businesses while reducing our carbon footprint.

About the Owner:

Annetjie du Preez (Swart), the Owner and Founder of AnnBer Natural Skincare a division of AnnBer Trading (PTY) Ltd which has been established in 2018 has obtained Her international Diploma for Natural Skincare Formulating in 2019 from the School of Natural Skincare based in the USA.

She has been busy with studies since 2012 and got various certificates and qualifications on the human skin, hair and nails which all build up a steady foundation towards the final Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulating.  

It has been Her absolute passion for many years to launch Her Own Skin, Hair and Body Range which would absolutely does what it is intend to do, a Range that is very cost effective, and a Range that is safe for the human body to be used and these three main reasons is Why it was for Her an absolute must to first complete all the necessary studies so She can be sure to bring Her Customers Only the best.  

A Personal Note

This is an ultimate dream came true and I have such a big passion for formulating and doing what I do.

My Son was born in 2016, and He is My absolute Everything, and My Inspiration. 

My Business, from Our Name and Logo right through to Our packaging a combination of Me and Him, combining all Our Personal characteristics into One.  That is the best explanation I can give of how close to My heart this business is. 

The business and every formulation has My everything put into it, each product is truly well researched an carefully planed and put together before it is even been formulated. 

Yes I work the other way around, which is the propper way  Every formula start off with a problem that needs to be solved, what My customer need and want out of the product, then the best ingredients used into the right proportiins which are also to be used in safe amounts and combinations and international guidelines that needs to be followed. The packaging, labeling and marketing is planned, therefore I can assure My Customers that every formula is well planned and put together and not Just a home made receipe that has been put together.

Every formula has his Own file and trace record, packed with lots and needed info by law.

I truly strive to bring My Customers Only the best.

Thank You for Supporting Me and My Business.

When You Support a small Business, You really Supporting a DREAM!!

Start today to make that difference, Our friendly staff are spread across South-Africa, ready to help You achieve your goals like Wê have already helped many happy customers before.

Annetjie du Preez (Swart)

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