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AnnBer® clothing range is comfortable, agile, and stylish, modern, and elegant. The range is designed for everyday wear clothes that make you feel comfortable in your own body yet beautiful and stylish enough to dress up for those special occasions.

Each garment is unique and designed to be fun to play with. Create your own layer on layer or mix and match look, “vintage” or “Retro” style, each garment is designed to be a winner on its own.

AnnBer® Boutique garments are designed for all figure types and women of all ages and suitable for any season. From everyday wear to formal and special occasions, mostly available from size “Small” to “5XL” so there is something for every woman out there.

AnnBer® Boutique clothing range is all H A N D M A D E with L O V E, it is unique, and Our goal is to keep it unique by limiting the specific color quantity of each garment.

Located in Pretoria, our range is designed by Owner Annetjie du Preez and manufactured in our factory located in Pretoria.  We always aim to design comfortable, agile, stylish, modern, and elegant timeless garments that appeal to every woman, and we hope that the garments we create become treasured favorite’s.

Our task is to showcase beautiful pieces, to simplify your search, to fulfil your needs and always to make your shopping experience enjoyable.

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With lots of Love, the AnnBer® Team

About the Owner and Founder of AnnBer® Boutique:

The Owner, Founder, and qualified clothing designer Annetjie du Preez have obtained her qualifications in 1997 whereafter she has designed and made designer outfits for private clients for many years as a hobby.  In 2018 the mother company AnnBer Trading (PTY) Ltd® was fully registered, with a dream in mind to design a clothing range for everyday wear clothes that make you feel comfortable in your own body yet beautiful and stylish enough for those special occasions, and at the end of 2020 this dream starts to come to life and AnnBer® Boutique was Born.  Today we operate in our own clothing factory where all the magic happens, and all these beautiful garments are been put together by hand with love.

About Our Name:

The Name AnnBer® which is pronounced in English as” Ann – Ber” is an combination of My own name “Annetjie” and My Gorgeous son “Bernard” therefore this business is very dear to My heart and everything, from the smallest details is put together with LOVE like the two of us are bonded together with God’s Love.

Annetjie du Preez (Swart)

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